T-55A in 1/72

...build of the new Italeri kit

Italeri 1/72 T-55A

A new 1/72 kit from Italeri and for one of the most widespread of post-WW2 tanks, the T-55A. Produced in large numbers, this development of the earlier T-54 has seen service with many countries around the world, many outside the Warsaw Pact. Produced under licence by a number of countries it is still in widespread service globally, even in modified forms.
The new kit is moulded in a dark green plastic and is most notable for including the basic engine detail within the hull, so it is an obvious candidate for anyone wanting to model it with the main engine hatches open. The fit of parts is good, though I did find that there was some clean up needed on the roadwheels. The track is done in two lengths for each side. Assemble the running gear and let it set. The track then just needs some gentle warming, such as with a hair dryer, then simply folded around the wheels, starting at the rear drive sprocket. I found it worked really well, and the two parts fitted perfectly well on both sides.
The rest of the assembly is quite straightforward, and fit of parts is good. One or two small parts that you just need to take care with, such as the twin handles on the DSHKK machine gun on the commanders cupola.
I like the end result, and a real point of difference to have that engine detail that can be shown off. Builds up well and a good choice of marking options.
Thanks to The Hobby Co, who are the UK importers for Italeri, for my example