T-55 in 1/48th

...the new kit from Tamiya

New for 2020 from Tamiya is a T-55 in their series of 1/48 kits. Built in huge numbers and used by a multitude of nations, the T-55 is one of the best well known tanks of the Cold War era.
As we now expect from Tamiya, the fit of parts is first class. It has link-and-length style tracks, which are keyed on the bottom run of track, and the assemble them by working around the running gear. I found the fit to be spot on. With the turret, the main gun barrel is moulded in one piece, with just a separate half for the muzzle brake, and an end-piece. There is a slight mould seam on the barrel, but removing that is simple enough. Also with reference to the turret, there are the four turret lifting lugs to be fitted, and these are rather small, so do be careful removing them from the sprue. For the loader's cupola, there is a Dushka 12.7mm MG, and this also goes together very neatly.
All in all a very neat kit indeed, one which was a pleasure to build. Just one option provided for colours and marking, a Russian vehicle of an unknown unit, and in the standard overall green colour. If you want more variation for colours and markings, then I suggest you turn to the new sets of transfers from Star Decals, who have just recently released a couple of sets for the T-55.
Thanks to the Hobby Company, the UK importers, for my example.