T-55 Enigma in 1/72

...my build of the Ace Models kits

The T-55 is a Soviet tank of the Cold War era, I believe built in greater numbers than any other tank since WW2, and has been sold to many countries around the world, and are still widely in service around the world. At one time there were very few plastic kits of the T-55 family available, in all scales. That has changed in recent years and they are now readily available in most scales, and some very nice models too.
One of the most interesting tanks found in Iraqi service during the First Gulf War, there was a variant with the T-55 fitted with what looked like reactive armour, though actually contained metal 'baffles' that would have dispersed the energy from anti-tank rounds. It is usually referred to as the Enigma and there are examples of the real thing in various museums, including one at the Tank Museum, Bovington.
For this kit, Ace Models are a manufacturer of short run plastic kits from Russia and they were an early producer of a rather nice kit of the T-55 and in a number of variants. This one is their Enigma. It builds quite well, though there was a good deal of clean-up required on the roadwheels, a common feature of short run injection moulded models. Having said that, it wasn't difficult, and the kit assembly was quite straightforward. It also captured the shape of the turret very nicely to my eye, something which a few other T-55 kits haven't always done so well. Despite being done a few years ago, this one I still like. Not currently in their listings but you might still find it in odd places.