Sheriff's Office in 28mm scale

...a pre-coloured model by 4Ground Publishing

Sheriff's Office - a 28mm pre-coloured, laser-cut mdf building

I am not a wargamer but do enjoy building these lovely models from 4Ground Publishing. This one has options to build it as a Sheriff, Marshall or U.S. Marshall's office. Inside it has a couple of cells, and, given that it is intended primarily for gaming, so good to see there there are options to have the barred windows of the cells in separate parts which can be removed if you want them to be, as in a jail break. Lovely touch. The doors remain movable, so they can be closed or opened, as the internal walls are detailed as well as the exterior. The other little detail is the Notice Board beside the office door, and a selection of Wanted Posters are included which you can choose as you wish. I went for the obvious ones, with Jesse James, the James Gang, Billy the Kid plus Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Well, it just had to be.
There is a good step by step assembly guide, and the fit of parts is excellent. Assemble using white glue and I find building these quite therapeutic. it starts with the base, then the inner wall, followed by the outer wall panels. There are actually 3 panels for the one wall with the cell windows, the middle panel having the barred windows in. Then fit the extras like the doors, windows and cells. That leaves the rood elements to finish things off.
If you want to, you can buy a separate sub-basement for the building, so you could add some board-walk sections, which raise it out of the mud in the 'streets'. So characteristic of all those old Westerns most of us still enjoy.