Sergeant, Royal Welsh Fusiliers, Ploegsteert, 1915 in 1/32

...TW32014, a WW1 resin figure from Tommy's War

1/32 Tommy's War TW32014 Sergeant, Royal Welsh Fusiliers, Ploegsteert, 1915

Another recently finished figure by Tommy's War, this depicts a Sereant in 1915, wearing a sheepskin jacket over his uniform jacket. A common garment to help keep warm in the trenches, and a soft cap. Once again sculpted by Nini Pizzichemi and beautifully moulded/cast by Tommy's War in polyurethane resin. His soft cap reminds me that I once read that in a bid to cut down the number of head wounds, the British Army issue steel helmets. The result, was actually an increase in the number of head wounds! At first sight you might think that doesn't make sense, until of course you realise that before the issue of helmets, they would not have been treatable wounds, but fatalities. So, helmets did increase the number of wounds, but decreased the number of fatalities. For more specific details of the figure, do check out the background information on the figure that you can find on the Tommy's War website.

I painted mine using Lifecolour paints, and an Ammo brown wash on the sheepskin. I am not a great painter of faces, eyes in particular, so you have to excuse them, but I need to get some more practice in to improve them. The uniforms/equipment I am very happy with.

I first reviewed the figure several years ago, when it was released, in Military Modelling magazine, sadly no longer in production. It has taken me ages (too many distractions) to get these done but very glad I have got there in the end. Hope you like it and maybe feel like trying something from the range for yourselves.