Sergeant, Machine Gun Corps (Motors), Messines, 1917

...TW32030, a 1/32 figure from Tommy's War

TW32030, Sergeant, Machine Gun Corps (Motors), Messines, 1917

One of the marvellous range of WW1 figures by Tommy's War. Sculpted by the talented hands of Nino Pizzichemi and moulded and cast to a very high quality in polyurethane resin by Tommy's War. There is a lot more background to the model on the Tommy's War website. It can be displayed by itself though it can also be displayed beside a m/c combination also available in the range.

I am not one of the world's great figure painters, but by goodness I do enjoy doing them. The paints I used are the WW1 British Uniform set by Lifecolor, and he is stood on a Trench base, also from Tommy's War.