Sdkfz 250 Neu in 1/72

...a set of 3 from The Plastic Soldier Company

Another recent release from The Plastic Soldier Company (PSC), and a kit I really enjoyed. Easy to build models, aimed primarily at wargamers. There are 5 potential variants provided for in the box, so with just 3 to make, you have some immediate choices to make. I went for a mortar carrier, a turreted 2cm gun and an SP 75mm support gun. You can do the basic troop carrier or equipped with a 37mm Pak 36.
Parts fit is good and each one is quick to build. They are stout models so can put up with regular handling on a gaming table. I chose a base coat of dunkelgelb and then airbrushed 3 different camouflage schemes. Markings are not provided in the kit itself, but there are a good range of packs of transfers (in both 1/72 and 15mm scales) in the PSC product range and these were used for these models, just national markings and tactical numbers.
Thanks to PSC for this example.