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Sabrina, a 1/24 figure, Kit no.1 the Last Bridge, a Post-apocalyptic series from MB Models

Sabrina, 1/24
MB Models

A new release from Masterbox, MB Models, and the start of another group of Sci-Fi figurines in 1/24 scale. Sabrina is the name of the character, the first in this Post-apocalyptic series, 'The Last Bridge'.

First of all, their background to the story.
'Global environmental disaster and then broken out war "all against all" changed sharply the appearance of the Planet.
The cities that became a trap and a grave for thousands of people were abandoned by few inhabitants who were lucky to survive. The values formed for centuries disappeared. Diverse gangs began to attack weak groups of refugees, and women became both prey and commodity in the coming chaos. But people thrive always to create order where there is no order and leaders appear. Sabrina became one of these leaders. As a very young girl, Sabrina managed to put together a squad of young girls like her. This squad began to attack gangs of raiders, beat off women by clearing the surroundings of bandits gradually, creating a New Order and giving protection to farmers. This is how the Territory of Free Amazons appeared.'

Moulded in a grey plastic, the assembly guide is printed on the back of the box, which includes a colour guide for painting the figure. Assembly a quick enough. Once removed from the sprue the figure goes together well. I did do a little filing of the joining surfaces of the torso to just get a better fit, and all the parts just had any mould seams shaved down using a sharp craft knife. Accessory parts such as the back pack, pouch etc are keyed so that fitment is easy enough to get things in the right place. She also carries a shotgun, with a crossbow mounted on top. I've got this one built, but as it isn't the sort of figure I usually do, I will pass it to my youngest daughter who enjoys her painting, and is a fan of sci-fi stories such as the Walking Dead, so she will enjoy it.

Thanks to MB Models for this sample, and they are available in the UK via the importer, Creative Models.


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