Russian Gaz Trucks in 1/72

...a new set of 6 Trucks in the box, from The Plastic Soldier Company

Gaz Trucks in 1/72, from The Plastic Soldier Company

It had been a while since we had a new 1/72 kit release from The Plastic Soldier Company (PSC) but now we have something Russian. It is a pack of Gaz trucks. Unusually for their 1/72 kits, this one has no less than 6 complete kits in the box, 3 of the Gaz AA 4x2 and another 3 of the Gaz AAA 6x4.
Moulded in a grey plastic, these are aimed at the wargamer, who generally wants a number of each vehicle for their wargame units, easy to build and paint, sturdy to manage the regular handling they will get on a gaming table. One of those simplifications for this one is that there is no cab interior or driver figure, as the cab glazing is moulded solid. Some might like the cab interior but personally I don't have a problem with a small scale kit being done like this, and you could drill/cut out the windows and add a simple seat inside if you really wanted to.
The two versions are almost identical, other than the twin rear axles on the AAA versions. The cargo beds on the two versions are almost identical, though the spacing of the supports underneath are different between the two, even though in overall size they are the same. There are a couple of tips about assembling the cargo bed. On the AAA version, the side panels look the same but actually have to be fitted correctly. As there are no part numbers on the actual sprues, fit the two end panels and then dry-fit the sides to check you have got them on the right side before gluing. On the AA version, it doesn't seem to matter, they fit either way. The second thing to say is that the truck bed looks like it could fit either way round, but there is a front and a back to it for fitting to the chassis. Underneath you will see a slight indent on the cross beams, narrower on the front one than on the back. This applies to both the AA and the AAA variants. The narrower end fits at the front of the chassis (immediately behind the cab) and the wider spacing at the back. Overall, the fit of parts in both variants is very good, and assembly for each truck can be easily done in under half an hour. That leaves the tilt to add at the end, and this can be left loose so you can have the truck bed open or covered as you need it.
I've built and painted one example of each so far, for the purposes of these notes. The basic Russian Green I sprayed using the PSC Russian Green TankSpray, which I am a huge fan of, while the tyres are brush painted in Lifecolor Tyre Black, and the tilt in Vallejo German Camouflage Beige, plus a PSC Weathering Wash, using Light Brown on one and Dark Earth on the other. That gives a nice, different look to each one. The other thing to add is to deal with that cab glazing. My preferred solution is really easy, use a pencil. This give a nice grey colour and shine, making very effective glass in my view and so simple to do. The headlights are picked out in silver and that's it. No markings on these ones yet and I have yet to add any other weathering, so you can see the kit as it comes, painted out of the box.
With 6 lovely little models in the box, this is in my opinion a super new addition to the PSC range and one to look out for.
Thanks to The Plastic Soldier Company for my example.