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PLA ZTL-11 in 1/72

...a new release from Dragon Models

PLA ZTL-11 Assault Vehicle in 1/72

A new Dragon kit in small scale, the ZTL-11 is based on the Type 08 chassis, a modern 8-wheel military vehicle family built for the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army (PLA). A turret mounted 105mm gun, intended for infantry support.

The kit is not complex, but the parts are very nicely detailed and the fit of parts was good. Quick to build and no problems in the build progress. The axles are metal, and push into the wheel hubs, so will revolve easily. Vinyl tyres fit on though they are loos, and will need to be glued in place once the vehicle is painted. They offer two camouflage schemes, one of which is a 'digital' pattern.

Thanks to UK importers, The Hobby Company for our sample.


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