Mig-15 & Mig-15bis in 1/48

...from Bronco Models

Mig-15 & Mig-15bis in 1/48 from Bronco Models

Two new models from Bronco, a couple of 1/48 Mig-15 variants, in Chinese Air Force service during the Korean War period. The two kits are virtually identical as there were few external differences between the two.
The kit is nicely moulded in a grey plastic and looks to be quite a simple build. The cockpit has detail on the side walls and seat, with a transfer for the instrument panel. There is also a choice of either drop or slipper fuel tanks to fit to the wings but that's all. With the Mig-15 bis Fagot-B there are 5 colour and markings options. One is for a Chinese Air Force machine during the Korean War, and now housed in the Chinese Aviation Museum. The other 4 are all Soviet operated aircraft. Three of the options (including the Chinese AF one) are overall silver while the final two have multi-colour camouflage schemes.
The fit of parts is good, though the tail planes were a tight fit and I shaved a small piece of plastic off the edge of the locating tab to get a nice fit. The cockpit went together well and was a good fit, but do remember to add 5g weight into the nose section (there is space for it) before you join the fuselage halves. A choice of drop tanks or slipper tanks.
Plenty of colour and marking options but I chose an all-metal finish in order to try out a new set of Lifecolor Metal Aircraft set, which says you don't need a black undercoat first. I also wanted to try it out by brush painting it as well, so without using an airbrush. It took 3 thin coats of Steel, and I like the end result. It isn't a high, polished aluminium finish, which wasn't what I wanted. It is a 'used' metal finish, with some brown panel line wash. The markings are for a Russian operated Mig-15bis, as used during the Korean War.