Lancaster Bomber

...from Meng Kids

Another in the series of 'Meng Kids' models, a cartoon version of the classic Avro Lancaster. It is designed for assembly without needing any glue, and comes in 2 colours of plastic, both Earth Brown and Black. Not transfers as such, but self-adhesive stickers.
Ideal for youngsters but also good fun to more experienced modellers. None of the stress of checking everything is exact and to scale because it is compacted into this 'toon version of the aircraft, and very well done it is too. Yes, I did fix the parts with glue and paint it, but children really don't have to.
The bomb bay is moulded in an open configuration, and it is loaded with a 4,000lb 'Cookie' and surrounding GP HE bombs.
There is a fashion for these 'toon models in recent years, not just aircraft but for ships and tanks as well. I rather enjoyed doing this one.