Krupp Raumer S + Vs.Kfz 617 in 1/72

...a new small scale double kit from Takom

I have been keen to see this new kit from Takom since it was first announced. It features two late war experimental AFVs for tackling minefields. The largest is the Krupp Raumer S, a 'heavy' type, with the body in two duplicate halves, but the wheels set at different widths. To go with it, a smaller vehicle, the Vs.Kfz 617, fitted with a Pz I turret on the roof of the crew compartment.
Both of these were captured at the end of WW2, with the smaller Vs.Kfz.617 going to Russia, where it can still be found today in the collection at Kubinka. The much larger Krupp Raumer S. was captured by the Americans. There are pictures of it on railway wagons to go to a port for shipping back to the USA but at some point it was 'lost' and we don't know what happened to it. Odd really as it was so big it is hard to imagine how they managed to 'lose' it.
Both kits build easily enough, though the plastic is quite soft so be careful with cutting the parts off the sprues. Just a couple of bits of etch brass for use on both kits, and these are easy to fit. The heavy 'feet' on the Vs.Kfz.617 leave quite large joins down their centres, which need to be cleaned up with a sharp knife/file. Both are straightforward to build and they make for a couple of very strange looking armoured vehicles for any small scale collection of WW2 armoured vehicles.
Next step will be to decide on the paint schemes to go for...