KZKT 537L and MAZ 537 in 1/72

...a double kit from Takom

KZKT 537L and MAZ 537 in 1/72, a double kit from Takom

This was released a little while ago but I only recently decided to get hold of one of these and have a go. Let me say right from the outset that I am so glad I did.
The two kits are very similar, though the chassis members are different between the two. All the transmission, suspension etc are the same, and only minor differences between the two cabs. The instructions cleverly match the two construction sequences together as you work through the booklet. The KZKT has a cargo body on the back end, which the MAZ is a tractor unit, used in another of their kits with a tank transporter trailer. So, this one gives you a spare tractor unit.
Building these is a pleasure, and not difficult. Fit of parts is excellent throughout, and just a couple of etch brass detail fittings. Rubber tyres fit well on the 8-wheels for each one.
There are a number of potential colour schemes suggested for both vehicles, and these vary from overall green to overall sand or camouflaged versions. So far I have both finished in overall dark green, with black chassis and wheels. I do plan to camouflage the KZTZ, but that is still to be done.
As well as being nice kits to build, the finished models, even in 1/72, are huge. I've included one photo of the 2 finished trucks alongside a new Airfix 1/72 Sherman Firefly. These trucks are massive.