JGSDF Type 99 155mm SP Howitzer in 1/72

...building the Fujimi kit

Developed in the mid-1980s, the Type 99 mounts an L52 155mm gun. The chassis is based on the Type 89 IFV but with a lengthened hull and the addition of an extra roadwheel. Armour provides protection against small arms and shell splinters, which is plenty considering these should not be deployed in the forward battle areas where they would be a target for opposing MBTs or anti-tank teams. There were 117 examples built and they remain in service.
Fujimi make another excellent model of the Type 99 in 1/72 scale. A modern kit, the detail is lovely and the fit of parts is excellent. Link & length track and this fitted perfectly. An interesting dark green/brown disruptive camouflage scheme and easy enough to brush paint, following the guide in the instructions. There are 2 complete kits in the box, so really good value for money.
This is one of a number of JGSDF kits from Fujimi, so good to see that Kent Models are the new UK importer for the Fujimi range here in the UK.