JGSDF Type 87 SP AA in 1/72

...excellent double kit from Fujimi

Looking very similar to the German Gepard, the Type 97 SPAA of the JGSDF is based on the hull of their Type 74 MBT. It carries the same twin mounting of the Oerlikon 35mm guns. They entered service in 1987 and remain in service to this day (2020). They were the replacement for the earlier M42 Duster in JGSDF service. As of 2010 there were said to be 52 examples in service. Just a 3-man crew and a reported top speed of 33mph, the Type 87 was designed and built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Japan.
The kit is by Fujimi and is excellent value for money as there are 2 complete models in the box. Assembly is simple enough, with link & length style tracks. The detail is nicely done and the fit of parts is first class. A disruptive camouflage finish of dark green and brown. A very enjoyable kit to build and something a bit different to try with these interesting Japanese vehicles used by the JGSDF. Available now in the UK thanks to the new UK importer, Kent Models.