German Bridging Equipment Trailer

...a 1/35 resin kit by Elite Models built

As ever, you go looking for one thing and find another. In this case a 1/35 resin model by Elite Models from Germany, and as I remember, one of 2 or 3 different trailers they had in their range. I know I have one other with a Pontoon on it stored away still in my 'stash'. I could have used the bridging elements to create a bridge under construction, but I chose to make it up in transport configuration, and the trailer loaded.
The ability to bridge rivers/obstructions during a fast offensive, the 'Blitzkrieg', was a vital support element.
I re-discovered the model already built and with a coat of primer, so yesterday I sprayed on a basic colour of panzer grey and brush painted the tyres. More weathering, detail etc to be added but an unusual addition for a WW2 German vehicle collection or diorama. So still more work to be done but as we don't see this type of model very often I thought I'd add it so you can see it 'so far'. I'll update this and the photos as it moves forward.