El Alamein Railway Halt in 20mm Scale

...an mdf building kit from Sarissa Precision

El Alamein, the Railway Halt
Done in a number of scales, I couldn't resist the 20mm scale version of the El Alamein railway halt from Serrisa Precision. Such a small little building, and one which still exists I believe. A small place that became world famous thanks to the huge/decisive battle that took place there in 1942. My own father was there and talked of being unable to sleep and seeing the horizon lit up by the huge (and noisy) artillery barrage which accompanied the assault by 8th Army. Hence I really couldn't resist the model.
I won't try and go through the build itself as it comes with a simply guide sheet and goes together without any problem. Made in laser-cut mdf board, there are some thinner, heavy card parts for the doors/shutters. A simple building and I looked at some photos of the real thing that can be found on the internet to get an idea of colours. Painted in acrylic colours and then dry brushed using the new Dry Brush paints from Ammo by Mig Jiminez. I believe it is the same product as included in the Italeri kit for El Alamein, but you can buy the building itself direct from Sarissa.
A laser cut mdf model by Sarissa Precision, which comes unpainted.