Einheitsanhanger 5ton in 1/35

...a new kit from Das Werk

Einheitsanhanger 5t in 1/35

A recent release from Das Werk, and one I was instantly keen to get, a German WW2 standard pattern 5ton trailer. It can be used behind their Faun truck (a new one of these is coming too).
The basic model is a standard plastic kit but also includes parts so you have the option of also buying a set of real wood panels for the bodywork. You can also buy separate resin cast wheels. Personally I'm happy with the kit as it comes. The build is quite straightforward, with no real issues, It is the body plus front and rear axles plus the tow frame. The fit of parts is good to assembly works well. The one thing to watch out for is the wheels. Each one is made up with 5 disks. The only issue with them is that they have some flash on ejector pin marks which needs to be cleaned off so they fit together properly. Then the wheels assemble easily enough, and even have a 'weighted' effect on the bottom of the tyre, except for on the spare. They suggest 4 options for camouflage & markings, just one of which is Panzer Grey while the other 3 use the late colours of Dunkelgelb plus red-brown and green. You can look forward to loading it with something like a Pz I or some other more general cargo/stores.