Deport 75mm Field Gun 1911 in 1/72 for the wargamer, from HAT

Deport 75mm Field Gun in 1/72

The Deport 75mm 1911 Field Gun was designed by a French officer, Colonel Deport, though actually built in Italy. Hence it is also referred to as the Cannone da 75/27 modello 1911. Italy built them in large numbers for issue to both Alpine and Cavalry units. The gun introduced the use of a split trail, so familiar of many later weapons through to the present day. It also used a novel double-recoil system, though that turned out to be somewhat over-complex. They were used not only throughout WW1 but continued in service with Italian forces on into t WW2, some of them also being used by German units as the 7.5cm Feldkanone 244(i).

Not a new kit as such but new to me, I recently bought a kit of this gun from HAT, and it contains 4 complete guns in the pack, though no crew figures. My pleasant surprise was finding that this is moulded in a hard plastic, which is different to the softer plastic they use for their other sets that I have seen a couple of before. Really easy to build, the instructions are on the back of the box. Then a coat of primer, a basic one-colour coat of paint plus steel rims for the wooden wheels. I've initially built two of them through e-Models, and am holding on to the other two for a later date.