Corner Shop in 15mm Scale

...a pre-coloured mdf kit from 4Ground Publishing

15mm Corner Grocers
By 4Ground Publishing

This is a pre-painted 15mm scale model, of laser cut mdf. One of a wide range of models which I have long been a fan of. It is made so that the 3 main section can come apart, leaving the ground floor, 1st floor and roof.
Assembly instructions are provided as a series of small pictures showing each stage of the build in sequence, and with the part numbers noted on the pictures. Assembly is really straightforward, and I find assembling these models relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable. They are assembled using a white glue (pva). I particularly liked the inclusion of a pre-printed sheet of clear plastic for the shop windows. Like some paper signboards which are also provided, they come in 3 options, so the shop can be English, French or German. I went for the French one. The one set of parts that need a bit of patience are the lintels for the windows on the 1st floor. These are each made up from 3 pieces (left, right & centre) and are really quite small, so just be careful.
I am really pleased with the end result and continue to enjoy these kits for being not just well-fitting, but being pre-coloured, so simple and attractive.