British 105mm Ammunition Box Pallets in 1/35

...from Gecko Models

British L3A1A3 105mm Ammo Boxes with Pallets set

Another modern British Army themed accessory pack is in production with Gecko Models, 4x 1/35 pallets of 105mm ammunition boxes, and all with appropriate stencilling decals as well. A good diorama accessory or vehicle load.
Easy to assemble, though do dry fit the sides of the box that forms the load of ammunition boxes, as it won't be too difficult to mix them up and fit one upside down. Double check they line up correctly, also the case with the top panel, and getting the hinges and catches on the right sides. As for painting, the pallet is of course wood, while for the ammo boxes themselves, I used Lifecolor SCC2 Brown and a dark wash which I think looks right (and I do have a real example in my collection).
One word of warning just to be prepared, there are no less than 74 separate decals to apply to each pallet! They go on easily enough, helped if you use decal solutions (I use the ones from Ammo by Mig Jiminez)

Thanks to Gecko Models for my example.

Due in soon with UK distributor Tiger Hobbies Ltd.