Bellica - Convoy Attack - A 1000 piece Jigsaw

...from Zee Productions

If you are wondering what to buy someone (including yourself of course) for Christmas this year, then here is a good suggestion for you. A Jigsaw.
Yes, I know that at first glance you could dismiss this as a common idea, then I'd suggest one from Bellica and one of their new Military Themed jigsaws, featuring the artwork of Keith Burns. There is some really marvellous artwork featured on these, with both WW2 Naval and Aviation themed subjects. I've been a military history enthusiast and modeller all my life, so appreciate some fine artwork. Equally, my wife loves the challenge of a good jigsaw so I think you can guess who I got to take on the challenge.
The example we tackled was 'Convoy Attack', with a Focke Wulfe Condor flying by in the background and a Destroyer taking centre stage. The thing about this jigsaw is that it is only just short of 1metre wide, so you will very likely occupy your dining table for a few days. With 1000 pieces and so much of it made up from white, and many shades of grey this is certainly a challenge. Beautifully made though, with good quality pieces that really do fit perfectly. It took us, my wife that is, a few days to complete it and she found it a challenge that she thoroughly enjoyed.
The end result is a beauty and it will leave you with the conundrum of whether you break it up and put it back in the box to try again another day, or find a suitable frame and hang the completed picture as a lovely picture on your wall.
Thanks to the makers Zee Productions for our example.
The Bellica 1000-piece puzzle range was launched on September 19th, 2020 and is distributed via Zee Productions and Plastic Head Distribution.