Battery Sergeant, Royal Field Artillery, The Somme 1916 in 1/32

...TW32027, from Tommy's War

1/32 Tommy's War TW32027, Battery Sergeant, Royal Field Artillery, The Somme 1916

The third, and last one for now, of my recently completed 1/32 resin cast figures from Tommy's War. In this case a Battery Sergeant in shirt-sleeve order. That is one of the attractions about this figure for me, as his pale blue uniform shirt makes for a splash of colour amidst a WW1 British military uniform just for a change. The sculpting by Nino Pizichemi is top-notch and then beautifully cast in resin. So easy to assemble and you can get on with the painting. For more background on the figure do check out the information given about it on the Tommy's War website.

As usual, this one has been painted in Lifecolor paints, though the basic flesh colour is my favourite, from Cotes d'Armes paints. I remain poor at painting eyes and still need more practice to improve my techniques but the rest I am quite happy with. As with other models I've done, I have popped him onto a trench section also done by Tommy's War, mastered by Andy Belsey for them.