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WW2 Vehicles Through the Lens 3

...from PeKo Publishing

Title: WW2 Vehicles Through the Lens 3
Author: Tom Cockle
Publisher: PeKo Publishing
ISBN: 978-615-6602-21-3

This is the third volume in this TTL (Through the Lens) series from PeKo Publishing in Hungary. A 124-page landscape format hard-cover book by author Tom Cockle.
Another fantastic collection of archive images in this series, with each photo reproduced on a full page, and each with a well detailed caption. This one is divided into six sections, each with a different vehicle/type as the subject. The first is the Maultier, including Opel, Mercedes, Ford V3000 and Magirus truck cabs coupled with GS/Box bodies and assorted rear track/suspension units. This is followed by the Pz III Ausf E, a section which I think includes some great diorama ideas if you are looking for some inspiration. Many are in operational use, along with some wrecks which need recovery. More ideas in the next section as well, with the Pz.Sfl.2 fur 7.62cm Pak 36 (Marder III). Two of the pictures in this section have both turretless Pz 1 and Pz 38(t) driver training examples recovering a Marder during driver training. Section 4 covers the Ferdinand, or Panzerjager Tiger (P), another popular subject with modellers. For section 5 we see the T34/76, a few in German service and many more comprehensibly knocked out. Another change for the final section, looking at the Steyr 1500A/02. Among another great set of photos is a version with a much simplified rear body, reminiscent of British light trucks I thought. a prototype seating 15 soldiers rather than the 8 in the more common version.
Presented in a large size image there is lots of detail visible in all of these photos. More to the point they are pictures I don't recall seeing before, and I never cease to be pleasantly surprised at how many 'new' archive photos still manage to be assembled in collections such as this. Printed on good quality paper it all helps to present the photos in the best quality. The TTL series is quickly developing into a very collectible set which military vehicle enthusiasts and modellers will love in my opinion.
Thanks to PeKo Publishing for this review copy.


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