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World Naval Review 2023

...from Seaforth Publishing

Title: World Naval Review 2023
Editor: Conrad Waters
Publisher: Seaforth
ISBN: 978-1-68247-872-1

The new edition of the Naval Review for 2023 from Seaforth Publishing is now available. A 192-page hard-cover book filled with another fine selection of features.
As it sets out in the Introduction, the news over the last year has been dominated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a war which still rumbles on, though of course there have been other stories as well, such as Australia choosing to operate nuclear submarines among others. The first feature is then an initial assessment of the Naval Aspects of the Russo-Ukrainian War. Then we start one of the usual features for this annual review with section 2 of the book, with Regional Reviews, splitting the world into 4 regions. These are North & South America: Asia & the Pacific: The Indian Ocean & Africa: and finally, Europe & Russia. This section also includes 2 Fleet Reviews, which look at how the US Navy is adapting to new conditions, along with the modernisation of the Vietnam People's Navy. Section 3 focuses on some particular vessels, which this time include a large new ship for the New Zealand Navy (with HMNZS Aotearoa), the new Cutlass Class Patrol Boats deployed to Gibraltar and another which looks at the 50 year story of the Nimitz Class carriers. That leaves the final section of the book which tackles 3 Technological Reviews, which consider World Naval Aviation, the Hypersonic Missile, which has also been in the news thanks to the war in Ukraine and finishes off with looking at what changes are under way for the future Royal Navy.
Plenty of interesting material in this 2023 edition, written by a number of subject experts, and accompanied by a lot of first class colour images to illustrate the text. For an annual review this is another interesting set of topics all contained in the one volume. For anyone interested in the modern naval forces around the world, this is easy to recommend.
Thanks to Seaforth and Pen & Sword for the review copy.


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