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Surviving D-Day Tanks in Normandy

...from Key Publishing, via Pen & Sword

Title: Surviving D-Day Tanks in Normandy
Author: Craig Moore
Publisher: Key Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-913870-23-2

Another book in the series of illustrated guides from Key Publishing. In this case a 112-page soft-cover book detailing the numerous tanks and AFVs which can be found in the Normandy region of France, either as museum exhibits or memorials around the region.
A short introduction, with a few archive images starts things off. Then there are 47 chapters, one for each vehicle that is featured, with a modern colour photo of it. Two of the subjects are actually concrete bunkers, one is a fibreglass replica, another is just a set of parts, though the rest are a variety of tanks, turrets or self-propelled guns. There are plenty of Sherman variants, though many are later war presentations which are representative of what was there, but there are some which are what I'd describe as 'genuine' relics of the D-Day operations. These include the Churchill AVRE at Graye-sur-Mer, now on a plinth just yards from where it ditched in 1944, and the Tiger I at Vimoutiers, also very close to where it was abandoned. There are also some other wrecks that were later recovered from sunken landing craft offshore, now stabilised and on display at different sites. Others include post-war restorations rebuilt to represent D-Day era equipment. Each entry has a photo, plus some historical notes and detail of the memorial/museum exhibit itself. Each entry also has details of the location if you want to go and see them for yourself, and these are linked to a couple of maps at the start of the book so you can think about planning a trip.
A handy guide to those tanks and AFVs that are still on display in Normandy that might well encourage you to plan a trip to visit the area. As I mentioned, there are a couple of particular bunkers mentioned, but of course there are a host of others also there to see if you are thinking about combining these interests with a trip.
These books are now distributed by Pen & Sword books, who kindly provided this review copy.


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