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Ronny Bar Profiles Spitfire the Merlin Variants

...from Tempest Books

Title: Ronny Bar Profiles Spitfire the Merlin Variants
Author: Ronny Bar
Publisher: Tempest Books
ISBN: 978-1-91170-416-4

The artist behind this collection is perhaps best known for his work on all the WW1 aircraft profiles which were featured in the series of models by Wingnut Wings. In his introduction, Ronny Bar explains how he had dreamed of being asked to draw his favourite aircraft, the Spitfire. Such a commission didn't happen, but eventually he simply chose to begin what has grown into this fantastic collection of Spitfire profiles. A 229-page landscape format hard-cover book from Tempest.
The book is divided across 11 sections, each one holding a great mix of first class colour profiles, plus some with upper and lower plan views as well. The sections cover the Prototype, Spitfire Mks I, II, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX and XVI plus PR (Photo Reconnaissance) and Seafire variants. There are the HF (High Flying) versions, with extended wingtips, as well as the LF (Low Flying) clipped wing variants. More to the point, there are hundreds of profiles which illustrate an amazing variety of camouflage colours and marking options. There are some well known aircraft, such as those flown by Sailor Malan, Robert Stanford Tuck, and Alan Deere among others. Colours from the Battle of Britain, Malta, North Africa, Italy, the Far East and of course NW Europe, plus the many Allied air arms who flew Spitfires, including Danish, Czech, Belgian, US, Russian and Israeli units as well as the wide selection of RAF machines.
This is a glorious tribute to the Spitfire, specifically those with the famous Merlin engines. While many aircraft enthusiasts will enjoy this just as it is, I suspect that for many aircraft modellers such as myself, then this offers some irresistible inspiration for using it as a guide to building a huge collection of models in the many camouflage and marking schemes that fill the pages of this new book. I have no hesitation in recommending this one for all of the many Spitfire fans out there.
Thanks to Tempest Books for the review copy.


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