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Rommel's Afrika Korps in Colour

...rare photos from WW2, from Greenhill Books

Title: Rommel's Afrika Korps in Colour
Author: Ian Spring and Anthony Tucker-Jones
Publisher: Greenhill Books
ISBN: 978-1-78438-879-9

A marvellous collection of original wartime colour photos, selected from the large private collection of Ian Spring, plus the text from well known author, Anthony Tucker-Jones. A 288-page hard-cover book packed with wartime colour images from WW2 in North Africa.
The book starts with an overview, mainly text, taking us through the overall story of the Afrika Korps. A look at Rommel, his personal and propaganda role along with the story of Operation Sunflower, the creation of the Afrika Korps, through to their final surrender with General von Arnim. There are also some notes on the original colour slides that provide the content of this amazing book. The bulk of the book is devoted to the photos, every one of them in colour, and they are divided across 5 main sections, each of which is also sub-divided into 2 or 3 sub-sections. Amongst them is coverage of the build-up and arrival of German forces in 1941 and going on to their meeting of the locals, and the hardware they brought with them. There is more on life in the desert, including how the men spent their rest times, before one section devoted to the War in the Skies. This includes seaplanes, the work of the famous Ju 52 and even a selection of views of the huge Me 323 which also shows a burnt-out skeleton on one, with the engines on the ground in front of it. Finally it rounds things off with a closer look at Rommel himself and their final days in Tunisia.
While there are a number of famous colour photos from WW2 the bulk of what we see is of a black and white war, so it is unusual to see such a large collection of original wartime colour images such as we see here. Yes there were areas of sand, I think many will look at this and find it strewn with rocks and many areas with plenty of greenery that might surprise some. For both historians and modellers, the variations in uniforms and their colours will be a great reference, likewise the colours and weathering on the vehicles and aircraft which equipped the Afrika Korps. Even pictures of Rommel in his captured Dorchester command vehicles are included, still in their British camouflage but with German national markings. As a long-time modeller myself, the colour references in here will be invaluable, just as much as the total content will fascinate historians interested in the story of the war in North Africa.
Thanks to Greenhill Books, an imprint of Pen & Sword, for the review copy.


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