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Rome's Northern Enemies

...Painting Wargaming Figures, from Pen & Sword

Title: Rome's Northern Enemies
Author: Andy Singleton
Publisher: Pen & Sword
ISBN: 978-1-52676-556-7

Another in the Painting Wargaming Figures series of soft-cover guides from author Andy Singleton. This one turns to a good mix of ancients, covering British, Celts, Germans and Dacians. In particular it deals with the excellent 28mm scale figures that are on the market these days/
The book is divided into 7 chapters, breaking things down into Tips & Tools; Weapons & Armour of Iron Age Europe; Shield Designs; Garment Designs; Body Designs; The Horse at War; and finally Basing. It is all rounded off with an appendix that lists the various figure manufacturers, including whether their products are plastic or metal. Some handy tips about paints and brushes among the tools, and throughout the book as the different stages of painting the figures are detailed, from base colours through shading, washes and highlights for all the various topics. One of the things about Ancients is that some fought in chain mail armour while others wore simple fabric clothing, or in come cases with naked torsos. Hence the chapter on Body Designs tackles the painting of the patterns of body art which was commonly worn, and which adds colour to the basic flesh. Add the colourful shields and also horses, a particular subject will interest painters for many periods.
A well explained series of topics, with detail of the materials and colours used for each element and all clearly explained. The author is a professional figure painter and his experience shows through very well. As a fan of the Victrix range of 28mm plastic figures, a number of which are featured in the book, this is a really useful addition to the series. Plenty to learn from this one I think.
Thanks to Pen & Sword for our review copy.


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