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Polish Vickers E

...Single No 7, from MMP Books, via Casemate

Title: Polish Vickers E
Author: Adam Jonca
Publisher: MMP Books
ISBN: 978-83-67227-15-5

Single Vehicle No. 07, a new book for the armour enthusiast from MMP Books. A 28-page soft-cover book
This latest addition to this series of books, features 1/35 scale drawings of both the early twin turret variant and the later single turret version, as used by the Polish army. Plus at the back, a very nice full colour profile of the single turret version. The opening 3 pages hold the 1/35 line drawings, and the back page is the colour profile. In between there are a few illustrations taken from original documentation for the vehicle, while the rest of the book is a collection of good quality black & white archive photos. All have helpful captions, showing us the detail on both the twin and single turret versions. Between them all there are a number of variations in armament as well.
The Vickers E was a British design that sold well. Not only to the Poles, but also the Russians, who operated a large number of what they called the T-26. In this case of course we are seeing the Vickers E in Polish service, with their multi-colour camouflage schemes an attraction for the modeller. For the armour enthusiast and/or modeller, this is a neat little reference series by MMP books.
Thanks to Casemate UK, the UK distributor for MMP Books for the review copy.


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