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Pendant Numbers of the Royal Navy

...from 1900 to the Present, from Seaforth Publishing

Title: Pendant Numbers of the Royal Navy
Author: Ben Warlow & Steve Bush
Publisher: Seaforth Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-5267-9378-2

A Record of the Allocation of Pendant Numbers to Royal Navy Warships and Auxiliaries, from when they were introduced in the early 1900s through to the present day. A 432-page hardback (also available in e-book format), not a story to be read from front to back, but an invaluable reference book which you will want to use to find specific detail whenever you need it.
It starts with a clear explanation of the use of the words Pendant and Pennant, both of which could be used in this same context. More explanations follow, with reference to Superior or Inferior flags and how they are used along with the number themselves. This takes us through several chapters, listed by these various Flag letters, on different types of vessel. This isn't just capital ships such as battleships, carriers, cruisers and submarines, but all the smaller vessels such as corvettes and sloops, tugs and landing craft among many more. I think one of the things to immediately strike you are the sheer number of ships which have served with the Royal Navy, including the many auxiliary vessels. There are additional chapters which cover the ships of the British Pacific Fleet as well as an alternative alphabetical listing of ships which gives their individual Pendant Numbers. As well as the Pendant Numbers there are also lists of the Deck Letters, a valuable detail since aircraft/helicopter landing decks have needed their own individual identification for pilots.
The sheer volume of information held in here is amazing, and will be a valuable reference source for any naval modeller or historian, maybe with an old photo where the number can be seen and you wish to identify the vessel itself. As individual vessels within modern warship classes look so much alike, this will be invaluable. A key reference for your bookcase.
Thanks to Seaforth and Pen & Sword for our review copy.


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