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Panzer Tracts No 10-1: Sf Artillerie

...self-propelled artillery, from Panzerwrecks

Title: Panzer Tracts No 10-1: Sf Artillerie
Author: Hilary Louis Doyle & Thomas L, Jentz
Publisher: Panzerwrecks
ISBN: 978-1-915969-19-4

Pz.Sfl.IVb to Hummel-Wespe, another newly updated and re-printed issue of this Panzer Tracts title, now in the new style for them thanks to their new publisher, Panzerwrecks. An 88-page soft-cover book.
This is another of this popular series which has been updated with new research information, gathered from original documentation, and with scale plans that have been checked against measurements of surviving examples of some of the vehicles in the book, though in at least that hasn't been possible as there are no survivors, though some of the elements such as guns are available. Also, now that the Panzer Tracts series has been acquired by Panzerwrecks, they have switched to a different quality paper, and that results in much improved quality/sharpness of the many photos that are included throughout. The individual topics in this one include the Pz II based Wespe, along with the Pz IV based Pz.Sfl. IVb, the Heuschrecke IVb, le.F.H.18/40/2 (Sf) auf Geschutzwagen III/IV, the Hummel plus the unarmed munitions carrier and the Hummel-Wespe, which is the Hummel chassis fitted with the smaller 105mm gun as fitted to the Wespe, and a much rarer beast. Added to all the information are a great set of archive photos, and in the case of the Hummel, a collection of factory images which have a fantastic level of detail which will please any modellers wanting to add fine detail to their model builds.
With improved quality paper, updated research and the 10 pages of first class 1/35 scale plans from author Hilary Louis Doyle. Ideal for AFV enthusiasts/historians and modellers who I think will love these new editions of this well known series of publications. Recommended without any hesitation.
Thanks to Panzerwrecks for this review copy.


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