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Narvik and the Norwegian Campaign 1940

...more Images of War, from Pen & Sword

Title: Narvik and the Norwegian Campaign 1940
Author: Philip Jowett
Publisher: Pen & Sword
ISBN: 978-1-52679-654-7

Another recent addition to the ever popular Images of War series, this time we see over 300 archive images, illustrating the varied aspects of the fighting in Norway in 1940. A 230-page soft-cover book in the usual Images of War style, and another in the series from author Philip Jowett.
The book is split across 14 chapters, taking us from the idea of neutrality taken by Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and of course how that turned out. Denmark was invaded first, despite a non-aggression pact with Germany that was quite newly signed. Norway was the route for vital iron ore shipments to Germany from Sweden, and that made Norway an important target for all sides. The story goes on with the story, involving ground forces from Britain, France, Germany, Poland and of course Norwegian forces. In addition there were naval units, varying from German invasion, when the German heavy cruiser Blucher was sunk by torpedoes from the fortress defending Oslofjord, with heavy loss of life, the destroyer battles at Narvik and in the closing stages the foray by German surface units when they sank the carrier HMS Glorious, along with her two escorting destroyers. Air forces are covered, not only the Ju 52 transport taking in troops but the bombers and seaplanes which also played a part. For the RAF there were the Gladiators based on a frozen lake, along with Blackburn Skuas, seen on the ice complete with their wings folded. Each of the chapters are started with one or two pages of background text, and much more of the story held in the extensive photo captions. Lots of photos will provide references and prompt diorama ideas for modellers. Aside from the Skuas and RAF Hudsons, the German Neubaufahrzeug tanks and the various ski troops of both sides, one other one that really stuck out for me was a local farmer who provided a couple of horses to pull a British 40mm Bofors AA gun, as a suitable gun tractor was simply unavailable.
With a large collection of archive images, most of which I hadn't seen before, this gives an excellent reference on ground, air and sea forces involved on both sides of this early part of the war, one which Germany won and disregarding the ideas of neutrality of both Denmark and Norway.
Thanks to Pen & Sword for our review copy.


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