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Military Low-Level Flying from F-4 to F-35

...from Pen & Sword

Title: Military Low-Level Flying from F-4 to F-35
Author: Scott Rathbone
Publisher: Air World (Pen & Sword)
ISBN: 978-1-39909-278-4

A Pictorial Display of Low Flying in Cumbria and Beyond, a fantastic new collection of images from author Scott Rathbone and publishers Pen & Sword. A 276-page landscape format book, ideally suited to these marvellous images.
I believe this is Scott's first book, and it really is filled with stunning aircraft images. Many are his own, but there are also plenty from other keen photographers, such as Adrian Walker in particular, though there are others as well. The text of the Introduction provides a great background to the book as a whole, taking us through the use of these low flying areas here in the UK over the years, not only since Scott started his hobby interest i 2001, but also before that thanks to his friend Adrian. He tells us about where to find these different locations, what you might find where and so on. Things have changed over the years, and with the reduction in size of the RAF in the last 20 years or so, there is less to see than there once was. Still, enthusiasts come from all over the world to have the chance to photograph military aircraft honing their low flying skills.
The photos themselves, all with informative captions, cover from the 1980s through to the present day, and include not only a wide mix of British aircraft and helicopters, some in some very special paint schemes, plus plenty of American aircraft and some more from a good mix of other NATO members who take the opportunity to fly the Mach Loop or the valleys of Cumbria. Too many to even consider mentioning them all in a review such as this, but aside from Tornado, Jaguar, Typhoon and even the new F-35, there are others such as the F-18, F-111, assorted C-130s, F-16, Hawks, Alpha Jet, even the Polish Su-22 Fitter and many others. Even a couple of historic aircraft.
The detail in the pictures, coupled with the picturesque countryside is simply fantastic. I have seen Scott's work before thanks to his posts on Twitter, and he has made a great job of this book, collecting together so many impressive photos. Aircraft enthusiasts, and modellers especially, will all love this one I think.
Thanks to Pen & Sword for the review copy.


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