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Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-21R

...Single No.51 from MMP, via Casemate UK

Title: Single No 51 Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-21R
Author: Dariuz Karnas and Artur Juszczak
Publisher: MMP
ISBN: 978-83-67227-54-4

This makes for number 61 in the Single series from MMP and this features one of the best known Cold War jets, the MiG-21. A 24-page sift-cover book.
The focus in this one is an example of this type, tactical number 1912, serving with the 2nd squadron of the 32nd Tactical Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment of the Polish Air Force. The opening 4 pages have good clear line drawings in 1/72 scale, which include fuselage profiles and armament/stores and the final two pages of the book with fine colour profile/plan artwork. The pages in between are a set of detailed archive photos, most in black & white, covering some general views and then detail of the fuselage (including the engine), wing, tail, undercarriage and plus some colour pictures of the canopy & cockpit, which does include the control panel for the Type R reconnaissance pod which the aircraft carried.
Aircraft enthusiasts, and modellers especially, will enjoy the detail featured in this one. Another super addition to the Single series from Polish based publishers MMP.
Thanks to MMP and their distributor, Casemate UK, for the review copy.


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