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AMX Brazilian-Italian Fighter-Bomber

...from Harpia Publishing, via Casemate UK

Title: AMX Brazilian-Italian Fighter-Bomber
Author: Joao Paulo Zeitoun Moralez
Publisher: Harpia Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-9503940-8-1

Another excellent book from Harpia Publishing, detailing the development and service history of this Italian made aircraft, now at the end of 30 years in service with both Italian and Brazilian air forces. A 141-page soft-cover book.
In his introduction the author explains how he became involved with the AMX aircraft in service with the Brazilian Air Force and so interested in it. The book is then spread across 4 chapters, plus 3 useful appendices. After WW2 the Italian Air Force largely used British and American aircraft, such as the Starfighter and Tornado. However, they also needed a trainer and close support platform that would not be as expensive at Tornado to operate. It explains their requirements and how Italian industry worked to meet those needs with just one design. It assisted that over in South America the Brazilian Air Force was looking for the same thing. The two countries worked together in developing the AMX. The final two chapters tell the stories of the aircraft in both Italian and Brazilian service. As well as the great detail in the text, it is accompanied by some super quality photographs and detail such as the squadrons that operated them and the bases they operated from with the aid of colour artwork of squadron badges and maps. There is lots on weapons testing, reconnaissance platforms, upgrades such as 'glass cockpits' and more. The three appendices cover Technical Details, Production lists for each aircraft built for both Italy and Brazil, and rounded off with a final section of 12-pages of colour artwork profiles illustrating a wide variety of colours and markings that the AMX has worn over its' long career.
This is another marvellous book from Harpia Publishing, covering one of the smaller military aircraft that served from the Cold War and beyond, with lots of detail that at one time would probably not have been released for publication before now. The quality of the photos and the artwork are a regular feature of this book series and this is one I enjoyed/
Thanks to Casemate UK, the distributor for the Harpia book series, for the review copy.


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