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...from Key Publishing, via Pen & Sword

Title: AMARG
Author: Jim Dunn & Nicholas A. Veronico
Publisher: Key Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-913870-61-4

'A highly illustrated look at America's vast military aircraft "Boneyard"', a 96-page soft-cover book from Key Publishing. The 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group site adjacent to Davis Monthan AFB in Arizona.
While best known as a storage site for military aircraft retired from the different branches of the US Military, it has over 3,000 aircraft lined up in the desert, over an area of more than 2,500 acres, this book explains how there is so much more to it. The book is split across 7 chapters, starting with a look at the detailed work carried out by the centre, including depot level maintenance on F-16s and use of the wings of stored A-10s to prolong the service life of others which remain in service, just to mention a couple. Then it moves on to cover Attack, Fighters and MiG Killers: Bombers and Patrol Aircraft: Helicopters, Tankers, Trainers and Transports: Special Use Aircraft: Centennial of Naval Aviation Paint Schemes: and finally, "What Happened to..." with some very special subjects in storage. Every chapter has lots of great colour photos showing us what is in store, and with plenty of additional information in the captions. Too many to try and tell you about in a review, but from the iconic images of the 'chopped up' B-52s to detail of the protective coatings over F-15s, C-130s, P-3s and many more. Perhaps one surprise for many of us will be the line of ex-RAF Harriers, wings stored separately to the fuselage, after the MoD sold the last 72 to the USA, who hold them for spares for their own in-service AV-8Bs.
So many interesting aircraft to be found in here, such as the 747 airborne laser, various types with MiG kills recorded on them and much more. In addition to the aircraft stored on site, there are also large quantities such as engines and specialist stores pylons which are all held as well. The 2 appendices in the back of the book include a list of the current 'stock' held at the facility, spares kept 'on the wing'. It does also include details of the Pima Air Museum, which is a neighbour to the AMARG. Aviation enthusiasts and modellers will find a lot in here to enjoy. I happily admit it is one site in the USA which I would love to be able to visit but have to make do with enjoying such a book as this one.
Thanks to Key and their distributor, Pen & Sword Books for the review copy.


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