World Naval Review 2022

...from Seaforth Publishing

Title: World Naval Review 2022
Edited by: Conrad Waters
Publisher: Seaforth
ISBN: 978-1-3990-1895-1

The most recent edition of this annual review from Seaforth Publishing, there are articles by a mix of knowledgeable authors, all edited as usual by Conrad Waters. In this case it is the 192-page hardcover book, though it is also available in Kindle and e-pub electronic formats.
After an Introduction sets the scene for this 2022 edition, the rest of the book is divided into 3 main sections. These are World Fleet Reviews: Significant Ships: and Technological Reviews. Each of these is split into various sub-topics. Within the World Fleet Reviews it provides a summary of what is happening in the various geographical regions of the world, along with 3 specific Fleet Reviews, for the Sri Lankan, Spanish and Royal Navies. Significant Ships has 4 sub-sections, and as well as French, Russian and Royal Navy subjects it takes a look at the new US Navy 'Ship to Shore Connector', an air-cushion vehicle that is replacing the similar looking LCAC that they have used for some years now. In the final Technological Reviews section, 3 topics look at recent advances in Naval Aviation, modern Electro-Optics and lastly a new Model for Mine Countermeasures, which does include the use of unmanned vessels.
Well written by some subject experts plus a large number of high quality photos throughout the book, this offers a good summary about the current trends in navies and warships around the world at the moment. There is some really interesting reading in here in my personal opinion.
Thanks to Seaforth/Pen & Sword for the review copy.