Wehrmacht in the Mud

...Camera On 19, from MMP Books

Title: Wehrmacht in the Mud
Author: Alan Ranger
Publisher: MMP Books
ISBN: 978-83-65958-54-9

Number 19 in the Camera On series from MMP Books, more of the amazing collection of archive images from Alan Ranger. This time a mix of vehicle types while the common theme is how they coped with the mud of the Eastern front.
The photos are grouped into more focussed topics, Tanks & Self-Propelled Guns; Half-Tracks; Lorries; Staff Cars; Motorcycles; and finallly 'Others', which includes heavy artillery and horse drawn transport. Not famous actions but more of the everyday life, coping with the conditions the troops were faced with. They vary from simply muddy, unmade roads, to being axle-deep in roads/tracks that are more like a river of liquid mud. The mix of equipment is great, with some very interesting pictures in the book. I think historians will enjoy the illustration of the conditions the German army had to cope with, especially on the Eastern Front, while modellers will enjoy things like the vehicle details, markings, weathering effects and of course some excellent diorama inspiration. The mix of equipment from Panzers I to IV, staff cars, command vehicles, assorted truck types and much more. As well as the main object in a picture, there is often lots more of interest caught in the background.
Another super addition to this popular series of books.
Thanks to MMP Books for our example.