WWII Late War German Vehicles

...An Illustrated Weathering Guide, from Ammo by Mig Jiminez

Title: WWII Late War German Vehicles
Author: Mig Jiminez, Enrique Calderon & Diego Quijano
Publisher: Ammo by Mig Jiminez
ISBN: 978-84-17846-13-8

An Illustrated Weathering Guide to those late war multi-colour German camouflage schemes, geared naturally to the variety of products in the Ammo by Mig Jiminez range. Weathering of models is a common feature of models these days, but as Mig points out in the Introduction, there are still regular questions about not just how to apply weathering, but in which order is the best way of applying the various effects. It's these questions which this 232-page book sets out to tackle. A soft-cover book in landscape format and ring bound so it is easy to fold the pages over and have the book open as a reference on your bench while you are working.
The text throughout the book is presented in both English and Spanish languages. There are 9 chapters plus a QR code to enable you to download an additional bonus chapter. The 9 subjects featured in the book are a Panther Ausf G; Stug III Ausf G Final Production; SdKfz251.21D; Jagdtiger; King Tiger Ausf B; Jagdpanther; Maus; Sdkfz 234/4; and Tiger I. The extra bonus chapter you can download is a Pz IV Ausf H. Each section is divided into the sequential while each step has a full-page colour artwork to illustrate how it should look is provided, and all are from the very talented hands of artist Filipe Rodna. Just to give you an idea of the steps involved, the Stug III is split into 10 steps. These cover applying 1 Base Colour, 2 Camouflage, 3 Washes, 4 Chipping, 5 Running Gear Dirt, 6 General Dust, 7 Mud & Wet Effects, 8 Dry Mud Splashes, 9 Local Pigment; and 10 Scratches. Each pair of facing pages have the dual language text explanation, details of the Ammo products to use for the stage while the artwork fills the facing page. Each vehicle has its' own individual scheme and the artwork is superb in its' own right.
No secret, nor a surprise, that this is designed to promote the Ammo by Mig Jiminez range but it does answer that basic question of which order should the modeller apply the different stages of weathering effects. It is well thought through and very well presented. If you are a modeller of late war German armour then I think you will not just like this visually, but find it a very helpful guide with hints and tips as well. It really is an excellent guide.
Thanks to Ammo by Mig Jiminez for a review copy.