WWII German Super-Heavy Siege Guns

...from Osprey Publishing

Title: WWII German Super-Heavy Siege Guns
Author: Marc Romanych & Martin Rupp
Publisher: Osprey Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4728-3712-2

This is number 280 in the New Vanguard series from Osprey with the authors tackling a topic which makes for a good source of discussion plus some useful references for modellers and historians. A 48-page soft-cover book.
It starts off with an Introduction which sets the background scene following the end of WW1, the removal of siege artillery from Germany as part of the Versailles Treaty and how Europe adapted it's thinking about fixed fortifications until rumours about German rearmament led to France constructing the fortresses of the Maginot Line. Next it tackles the development of new Super-Heavy siege gun, particularly the 60cm and 54cm Karl Mortars and the massive 80cm Gustav railway gun. There were others of course, including a number of old WW1 era Skoda guns plus a specific sub-topic of ammunition. Then it moves on to the Operational History of these super-heavy weapons. This is neatly split into sub-sections by the campaigns in 1939, 490, 41, 42 and 43-45. Accompanied by a good collection of archive images and some lovely artwork I found this an interesting read. There is a Conclusion on their effectiveness but I will leave you to read the book to see what the authors thought.
The sheer size of these weapons makes them impressive and eye-catching and in recent years there have been a fair number of models come on the market in different scales. So useful for modellers looking for more information and references as well as historians examining the use of these super-heavy equipments in WW2.
Thanks to Osprey Books for our review copy.