US Army Chevrolet Trucks in WW2

...1 1/2 ton, 4x4, from Casemate Publishing

Title: US Army Chevrolet Trucks in WWII
Author: Didier Andres
Publisher: Casemate Books
ISBN: 978-1-61200-863-9

Another addition to the Casemate Illustrated Special series of hardcover books, this time 160-pages focussing on the Chevrolet family of 1 1/2 ton trucks of WW2. From Belgian author Didier Andres it was first published in French back in 2018, by Histoire & Collections. Now we have an English language edition done in partnership with Casemate Publishing.
Chevrolet built over 170,000 of the 1 1/2 ton series of trucks, in a great variety of guises. The book starts off with detailing the background before getting into the many variations on the theme. Right at the start there are tables listing the variants, the groups of chassis numbers, whether they were long or short, fitted with winches or not, body types and even how the year of production is identified in the chassis numbers. The second chapter goes through the 3 major series of these trucks, with the details of each one. The rest of the book then goes on to add a further 14 chapters, and these tackle Cargo Trucks; Panel Delivery Trucks; Cargo Dump Trucks; Tractor Trucks; Bomb Service Truck M6; Telephone Trucks; Chassis Cab Trucks; Cab Over Engine Trucks; Lowboys; The 1-ton Trailer; On Campaign; Planned Obsolescence?; Lend-Lease; and finally, After the War. The book is heavily illustrated throughout, with hundreds of photos, both archive images and preserved examples now in the hands of private collectors. A very reliable series of trucks, which says a lot for the quality of these Chevrolet products. Designed for a hard life in wartime, they proved remarkably resilient. There are cargo trucks, tippers, telephone maintenance equipment, tractor and trailers, the specialist bomb trucks used by the USAAF, panel vans and much more.
Super levels of detail which will be loved by historians interested in WW2 equipment and any of the many private operators who still maintain these to this day. As for modellers, the level of detail in the many photos will be a goldmine of information and many will inspire a diorama or two as well. Definitely recommended.
Thanks to Casemate Books for our review copy.