U.S. Army Ambulances & Medical Vehicles in WW2

...another Illustrated Special from Casemate Publishing

Title: US Ambulances & Medical Vehicles in WW2
Author: Didier Andres
Publisher: Casemate Books
ISBN: 978-1-61200-865-3

Another in this series from Casemate Publishers which is an English translation from a book originally published in French by Histoire & Collections. A 160-page hardback in this case and packed with some fascinating material.
Spread over an Introduction plus another 15 chapters, there is just so much good stuff in here. I guess I am like many others, and familiar with the well known Dodge WC54 Ambulance, along with the Jeep adapted to carry stretchers. Maybe even the amphibious Weasel as well. I for one had not been familiar with the 2x4 Chevrolet, Cadillac and Packard civilian ambulances, the larger Linn Coach & Truck Company multi-patient ambulances, and even the mule drawn ambulance wagon, seen still in use in 1941. There are plenty of other truck/ambulance types amidst the large collection of archive photos. illustrating front-line service in different uses. The other significant content goes over the details of the variety of markings they carried over the course of the war, and unit organisation. The US supplied other users, including Russia, the Red Cross and even the Vatican. The final section looks at some of the 'Enigmas', the odd uses these vehicles were used for.
All in all a super reference for anyone interested in WW2 military vehicles, including those who may own a surviving example of the Dodge Ambulance or Jeep, but most of all I think for the military modeller, who will find a fine reference for the markings carried by these vehicles and amidst the photos, plenty of inspiration for a new diorama.
Thanks to Casemate UK for our review copy.