The Iran-Iraq War Volume 2

...Iran Strikes Back, from Helion via Casemate

Title: The Iran-Iraq War Vol.2: Iran Strikes Back June 1982-December 1986
Author: E.R.Hooton, Tom Cooper & Farzin Nadimi
Publisher: Helion & Co
ISBN: 978-1-913118-53-2

Number 24 in the Middle East @ War series from Helion Books, a revised edition of this 88-page soft-cover book. It tells part of the story of a war between the two neighbours, both sides heavily armed with modern weaponry, and both sides with money to pay for them thanks to oil.
Covering the period from 1982-1986, it follows on from the period when Saddam had looked to profit from the revolution in Iran so he invaded. However, Iran was able to resist and fight back after initial territorial losses. It tells the story of successive Iranian offensives which failed to defeat the large anti-tank ditch covering the area of 'Fish Lake' and subsequent attempts to outflank those defences. Heavy fighting, lots of casualties and sheer exhaustion drained both sides to a standstill. It ground to a halt, but this will not be the end to the story.
The story of the Iran-Iraq war, a long lasting conflict, remains largely overlooked I think, it has been overshadowed by the later Gulf War involving the Western military powers. Saddam Hussein is now gone from the Iraqi side, and Iran changed after the Shah was replaced by the Islamist Republic. A struggle for power which I still feel is so sad and leaves the region unsettled to this day. The book makes for interesting reading while the inclusion of lots of archive images (many in colour), maps and some excellent colour profile artwork which illustrate the colours and markings on helicopters and AFVs which modellers will appreciate. The mix of Western and Soviet equipment on both sides adds to the interest.
Thanks to Casemate for the review copy