The HAWK Air Defence Missile System

...New Vanguard 309 from Osprey Publishing

Title: The HAWK Air Defence Missile System
Author: Marc Romanych & Jacqueline Scott
Publisher: Osprey Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4728-5221-2

A new release with number 309 in the New Vanguard series from Osprey, tackling the subject of the HAWK, Homing All the Way Killer, surface-to-air missile system. This is a 48-page soft-cover book in the usual Osprey style.
After a brief Introduction, the book is split into 3 main chapters, each one then split into a number of sub-sections. The first section cover Design & Development, which explains the system as first introduced in 1959, and the later self-propelled version and product improvement programmes of the 1970s and 80s. The next section considers the System Operation, with the Unit Organisations and how they worked operationally. That leaves the third section to cover the Operational History of the HAWK in various countries around the world. As it tells us in a closing Legacy section, the HAWK was deployed for over 30 years, and while neither the US Army or Marines Corps had to fire one in anger, it was successfully used by many of their export customers.
The book is an interesting read, and the text is accompanied by plenty of archive images, showing the launchers, associated radar units and support vehicles along with some of the excellent artwork which we expect from these Osprey titles. As there is now a fine1/35 model of the HAWK missile unit on the market from AFV Club, I am sure many modellers will enjoy this new book and get plenty of ideas on how to set their model into a diorama scene.
Thanks to Osprey for our review copy.