The Finnish-Soviet Winter War 1939-40

...Campaign 367, from Osprey

Title: The Finnish-Soviet Winter War 1939-40
Author: David Murphy
Publisher: Osprey
ISBN: 978-1-4728-4396-8

'Stalin's Hollow Victory', is Campaign 367 from Osprey. A 96-page soft-cover book in the usual style we expect from this Campaign series, with plenty of maps, archive images and of course the excellent artwork we expect from Osprey, and in this case by illustrator Johnny Shumate.
The story of the campaign is told over 8 sections, starting with the Origins of the Campaign, and going on through a Chronology of events, details on the Opposing Commanders on both Soviet and Finnish sides, a look at the state of the Opposing Forces and their Orders of Battle as of November 1939. That leads into the Opposing Plans of each side before we get to the largest individual part of the book, details of the course of the war itself, from November 1939 through to the end, in March 1940. The end is rounded off by looking at the Aftermath, which did lead to the Continuation War just a few years later, and some notes on the Battlefield Today.
While my starting point was only a basic knowledge of the Winter War, I was very interested to see more on the background to what led up to the war itself, just as much as the detail on the war which stretched over a frontier of about 1300Km. Despite superiority in the number of troops, tanks, artillery, aircraft the Russians were less well prepared for the winter conditions, lacking proper winter clothing for their troops. The Finns, despite being outnumbered, proved to be very capable in their fieldcraft skills. I learnt a lot more about the war thanks to author David Murphy, and it made for interesting reading, well illustrated by the supporting maps, let alone the very nice artwork.
Thanks to Osprey for this review copy.