T-34 Colors

...Camouflage Profile Guide, from Ammo by Mig Jiminez

Title: T-34 Colors
Author: Daniele Guglielmi
Publisher: Ammo by Mig Jiminez
ISBN: 978-84-17846-33-6

This new book from Ammo is a very welcome addition to their series of Camouflage Profile Guides, which provides a very handy reference for the many modelling fans of one of the finest tanks of WW2, the T-34, and both the 76mm and 85mm armed versions.
An 88-page soft-cover book and it has the text sections and all the picture captions in 3-languages, English, Spanish and, appropriately, Russian. The content is divided into sections, covering the various nations which used the T-34 during WW2. It starts out with a section on the Wehrmacht, setting out a variety of captured examples, both T-34/76 variants with the different styles of turret, and T-34/85, some with extra German fittings, such as cupolas and stowage bins. They are illustrated by the various units which used them, and are characterised by the oversize national crosses to help identify them as in use by German forces. The profiles illustrate the markings along with camouflage colours. Many were left in Russian green, but others were repainted in German camouflage colours. Then a section on Polish units of the Poish Peoples Army during the last 2 years of the war, and that's followed by a section on Czechoslovak units, the Russian Liberation Army and the Finnish Army before getting to the significant topic of the Red Army itself. Many different units are listed, with markings and camouflage colours illustrating a large number of examples. As well as divisional signs, there are also a lot with Russian slogans decorating the turrets in particular. Note that these profiles are all the various gun tanks, not the self-propelled guns or other weapons that were fitted to the chassis. This section includes coverage of specific Columns, along with Corps and Brigade units and has organisation charts and even some unit Banners which are all beautifully illustrated in the large number of colour artwork images. Even details on the different styles of roadwheels and idlers that can be seen on different versions.
All together this is a fine source for ideas and detail for T-34 models in whatever your chosen scales, and produced to a suitable high standard. Ammo by Mig Jiminez is a valuable range of modelling products, and they support them with additional reference material such as these Camouflage Profile Guides. Covering such a popular subject as the T-34 this one is bound to be popular. The book deals with WW2, but the fact that the T-34 remains in reserve and even frontline service in some countries around the world to this day say a lot for the brilliance of the basic design. A book by modellers for modellers.
Thanks to Ammo for our review copy.