Supermarine Spitfire V, vol.1

...Polish Wings 29, from MMP Books

Title: Supermarine Spitfire V, Vol 1
Author: Wojtek Matusiak
Publisher: MMP Books
ISBN: 978-83-66549-12-8

Number 29 in the Polish Wings series from MMP Books is volume 1 detailing the Spitfire V in Polish Service. A softcover 96-page just packed with text, archive photos and colour artwork.
The basic sections of the book are started with a bit of background information on their use of the Spitfire V well after other variants had replaced it with other RAF squadrons. It gives the framework of the wartime history of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Polish Wings and then goes on to add more information on the individual squadrons, 302, 303, 306 and 308 Squadrons, which includes their movement between the Wings and their bases. Then there is lots more detail in the captions which accompany the superb archive images and associated colour profiles that illustrate specific aircraft markings. Just as an example, seeing the different positions the square red & white National marking is applied had at least one surprise for me. They were positioned on the nose, under the cockpit (both forward and underneath the rear part) plus some where it was back on the fuselage near the tail.
So much information in here for WW2 aviation enthusiasts/historians while so many of the archive images have ideas for modellers that I am certain will go down well. The final 8 pages are filled with a table that lists all the Victories Credited to Polish Spitfire V Pilots, including the date, name of the pilot, date of claim, aircraft serial and code, time and aircraft type claimed. This really hits the spot for me, both as a modeller and WW2 history enthusiast.
Thanks to MMP for our review copy.