Staff Cars in Germany WW2 Vol 2

...Camera On 23, from MMP Books

Title: Staff Cars in Germany WW2, Vol 2
Author: Alan Ranger
Publisher: MMP Books
ISBN: 978-83-65958-80-8

We are up to number 23 in this Camera On series from MMP Books and it never ceases to please. Another one from the marvellous collection of archive images of Alan Ranger. It is the second volume in the series to cover German Staff Cars of WW2, though in this case it features a line-up of what had been civilian cars that were called up into military service, specifically those manufactured by Opel.
There are 80-pages in this softcover book, with the usual couple of pages for the Introduction and background information on each of the Opel models featured in the book. Opel had been largely acquired by General Motors as early as 1929 and the business not only started into the truck manufacturing business, but introduced mass production techniques that made them the leading motor manufacturer in Europe by the 1930s. When WW2 began production of civilian cars was stopped, and all were called up for military service. The book is divided into sections for each model, the P4, Tank Mock-ups based on the P4, the 2 L, Kadett Model 1937, Kadett K38, Super 6, Kapitan, and Admiral. Every one has an interesting variety of images, some still in civilian colours. A mix of hard- and soft-tops and in a variety of new roles. Many are from soldiers having their photos taken as portraits but the cars frequently present some excellent detail of tactical markings they carried. I suspect for many the gems here will be the selection showing the Mock-up Tanks built on the Opel P4. Used to learn the tactics for their new Panzers, this is I think the best selection of photos illustrating these in good detail that I have ever seen together.
Another set of archive images which will please WW2 historians and modellers alike.
Thanks to MMP for this review copy.